Fantasy Focus – Burnley Strikers (Updated)

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An International break already, seriously? Doesn’t it seem like the Euro just finished? Ok, enough complaining about that. No matter what style of Fantasy Football you are involved in, Burnley’s Andre Gray is most likely being given some consideration for a spot amongst your striking options. If you are playing the popular FPL salary cap game his low price allows for some flexibility elsewhere in your lineup and he comes with the possibility of a big upside as we saw in his game week 2 performance versus Liverpool. read more

One Touch Summer II 2016 Championship Recap

After another undefeated regular season, O40 two-time defending champions One Touch were looking for the three-peat. Their opponents in the Final were Shannon Brewing, coming off a very solid season themselves. The game started well for One Touch and they eventually made the breakthrough after a precise pass from Micah found super-manager Gilbert and he finished with confidence, 1-0:

Shannon came back to tie it then One Touch re-took the lead 2-1 after a fortunate deflection off Simon’s backside from a shot by Rob: read more

Crown (Fall I 2016) Season Preview


Welcome to your destination for all things Crown. Each week I will do a game recap and publish the current standings. Also I will be keeping track of the leading goal scorers for the Golden Boot title for those that care about that sort of thing (Rob), and please don’t let it affect your passing abilities (Rob) or else Shawn will make me remove it from the blog. The schedule is not posted yet but the season should begin this week. Without further ado let’s meet this season’s current roster: read more

Coed O30 (Summer II 2016) Championship Recap

BlueSky Keller indoor facility was the site of the Coed Over 30 Division 1¬†Summer II Championship this past Friday night. The matchup pitted the reigning champs and league’s most dominant team in recent years Friday Night Special versus their closest competitors (sorry Metro, one good season doesn’t get you that honor) and my personal favorite, TDA Bulls. The Bulls had a thin bench (and it only got thinner, keep reading) but super sub Simon (that’s me) was in attendance so we were feeling bullish (see what I did there) about our chances of victory. From the opening whistle TDA took it to FNS and it resulted in a 2-0 lead after our newest member Dani converted a corner. But¬†with a minute left in the 1st half TDA lost Doug to a trifecta of cards in a 10s span, Blue, Yellow and Red. The card rainbow is a rare occurrence but if anyone could pull it off it would be Doug. I have inserted a Lego re-enactment below to best show what we all refer to now as “The Choke”: read more

Fantasy Focus – Diego “Roller”Costa


When I wrote the Chelsea section for Draft Fantasy Football’s premium guide I said that Chelsea’s Diego Costa could be a roller coaster for fantasy owners but that roller coasters were fun, right? It turns out that I ended up drafting him in but after further thought I decided that I didn’t like roller coasters. It is safe to say that Costa has had an eventful start to this season.In his first game against West Ham he received an early yellow card for violating the Premier League’s new rule regarding aggressively protesting an official’s decision (see above pic for an example of such behavior). Then after a very harsh challenge on West Ham’s keeper Adrian many argued he should have been sent off before he went on to score the winner in the 89th minute. The second game versus Watford brought much of the same, another yellow, followed by a blatant dive that could have gotten him sent off again, and then, naturally, the game winner in the 87th minute this time. read more