TDA Bulls (Fall I 2016) Game 7 Recap

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The TDA Bulls were dealing with a bit of an injury crisis as they hit the field Friday night to take on rivals Metro Webb as Simon’s recent knee injury put him on the sidelines, joining goalkeeper Tyler who was in recovery from a nasty looking cut on his foot. While both teams had already qualified for the Championship game, is there really a meaningless game between these two teams?

Simon was planning on coming to take some snapshots and videos, but after popping some pain pills and strapping an ice pack to his swollen knee, he settled into the motorized recliner to binge on The Americans: read more

Draft Fantasy Football: Gameweek 10 Preview

Gameweek 10 in the Premier League marks the point where we pass the quarter mark of the season. My latest Gameweek Preview has been posted on Draft Fantasy Football’s blog, click the link below to check it out:


Crown (Fall I 2016) Game 8 Recap


Well it all came down to this…one game…one win needed for Crown to get a spot in the Over 30 Fall I Season Championship. Their opponent was 1st placed DW Energy FC. Before we get to the much anticipated result and recap I would like to wish a speedy recovery to one of my many frenemies on DW, Brandon H after his shoulder surgery:

Those must have been some good pain pills…

Ok, let’s move on with the recap. Both teams were missing some players as DW played the first few minutes short a man, so Crown took to the offensive knowing more were surely to arrive. Phil took advantage of the numerical edge and put Crown up 1-0 after some sustained pressure. Then DW had a couple of players show up so they were back to full strength. Crown then doubled their lead to 2-0 after Simon scored a good solo effort. DW began to find their rhythm and looked dangerous on the counter attack, drawing one back to cut the deficit to 2-1. But Crown were getting chances at the other end too, and one was converted after Phil unselfishly “passed” šŸ˜‰ it off the wall to Mark for the tap-in. Phil added his second before the half and Crown went into the break with a somewhat surprising 4-1 lead. read more

TDA Bulls (Fall I 2016) Game 6 Recap


The TDA Bulls were coming off of a big victory over rivals Metro Webb last week when they hit the field to take on “The Others” Friday night. And they had to do so without Doug, who was in Florida for a “work” thing, looks like a grind, no tan lines for this guy:

Simon was back from his week hiatus and was on the lookout for some good re-enactment material. But Dani was out…again…but what is new there. Alex was called out as an emergency backup keeper after regular starter Tyler suffered an unfortunate foot injury which will likely rule him out for the remainder of the season, get better soon buddy. Ricky was running a little late so the Bulls started the game with no subs and one short. read more

Crown (Fall I 2016) Game 7 Recap


Crown faced the Honey Badgers in a game that had huge playoff ramifications. A win would put Crown into the Championship game but it would not be easy as the Badgers have been one of the top teams in D1 for the past couple of years. Since it was the “late” game, Crown were missing a couple of key offensive figures in Mark and Rob. Rob couldn’t risk being caught out after curfew and Mark was at a Mavs game, a PRESEASONĀ game…but check out those seats he said:

Once we realized Mark was probably drunk from $10 beers we made the late call for Alex P to help us out and he obliged. read more

TDA Bulls (Fall I 2016) Game 5 Recap


While Simon was on his flight back to Canada to take care of some sad family business, his mind wandered into thinking about what games he would miss that week:

Sure there were a couple of important Men’s games with playoff ramifications but the one dominating his thoughts was the battle of undefeated Coed teams, TDA Bulls and Metro Webb. These two teams have a history and have shared players (and beers) at times, not to mention winning a tournament together, so there were a lot of frenemies going to be involved. TDA were without the above mentioned Simon, along with Dani, Alena and Sol. Phil was brought in as a sub and Ashley made her debut to give the Bulls just enough ladies. The first have was dominated by Metro Webb as both members of their power couple, Brandon (cough, traitor, cough) and Niki scored goals to give them a 3-0 lead. Carolyn scored for TDA to narrow the gap to 3-2 before the half. After Brandon and Claudia traded goals the game was tied up 4-4 with 10 minutes left. But Metro began to tire and TDA took advantage with Ashley scoring a pair of goals to put the game to bed. 8-4 was the final score in what you could call “a game of two halves”, get it? No doubt there is more to be added to this rivalry as the teams meet again in two weeks and will then play for the title at end of the season too. read more

Crown (Fall I 2016) Game 6 Recap


I apologize for the lack of the usual incredibly detailed content for this week’s game as I got called away back to my homeland of Canada (where apparently we are known for baseball now along with hockey…) for the celebration of life of my dear old Grandma. While on the subject, I would like to acknowledge another event as on the day of this game, we also rememberedĀ our departed #1 Crown superfan RL:

Crown were playing The Little Kickers who they defeated 8-3 earlier in the season and they went out and made RL proud with another 8-3 win, led by Mark with 4 goals, Phil with 3 and Rob with a single. read more

TDA Bulls (Fall I 2016) Game 4 Recap

It was Friday night so you know what that meant, it was once again time for the TDA Bulls to take to the field for their 4th game of the season. They were playing the Ball Blasters for the second time after defeating them 15-0 a couple of weeks ago. It proved to be an interesting week to get a male contingency, the only regulars available were Simon and Ricardo as it seems like the big babyitis has become an epidemic. With no goalies available, Tan made his debut in net knowing that TDA were yet to concede a goal this season…no pressure there. There was another debut for Josh as he made a celeb appearance from the Crown team. And Dani, well who knows where she was…manicure?, pedicure? But regardless, Carolyn had been firing on all cylinders this season so TDA went into the game feeling confident. read more