TDA Bulls (Winter I 2016) Game 4 Recap

It was the night of the TDA Holiday Party so the Bulls were without Carolyn and Alena, plus Tyler and Justin were also out for other reasons. So our version of the power couple was called in to action as the Perdomos, Alex and Vanessa were in attendance. The Bulls were taking on the Ball Blasters, a team they defeated earlier in the season.

The Bulls jumped out to an early 2-0 lead thanks to a goal from Kim but it became apparent at the other end that our substitute keeper had decided he was only going to use his feet in the net on this night. You’ve probably heard of the Headless Horseman, meet the strange but effective Armless Alex:

There was a somewhat surprising moment as the Blasters tied the game up, but it was short-lived as Simon snuck one in to give the lead back to TDA. A further pair from Kim and order was restored. There was a funny moment just before halftime as Simon lollygagged back on defense past the Ball Blasters bench and was asked if Phil was his son…and his response, “While I was macking babes at 14…no”. The Bulls took a 6-2 lead into the break…meanwhile Carolyn and Alena were having a good ole time at the TDA Holiday Party:

The second half was all TDA as far as the scoring went but the Blasters did force Alex to grudgingly use his hands a few times. A hat trick from Claudia 😱😱😱, a pair from Simon’s long lost son, and another from Kim rounded out the scoring as the final was 16-2.

Here are the current league standings:

And here are the updated Golden Boot standings:

Kim 12

Justin 4

Alena 4

Simon 4

Claudia 4

Phil 4

Carolyn 2 (Huh?)

The next game for TDA is against FC Peeps, next Friday at 9:45pm.


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