TDA Bulls (Winter I 2016) Game 5 Recap

Friday night saw a matchup between the TDA Bulls (4-0) and FC Peeps (0-4). TDA were without three regulars as Doug, Justin and Alena were out so Alex was called into action as a sub, this time out of the net though.

The Bulls went on the early attack, however it took longer than usual to get the opening goal, but it eventually came as Kim fired a free kick in…Simon with the assist for making her take it as Phil and Alex were hovering around. After FC Peeps cut the lead in half, Simon scored and Phil blasted in a long range effort to push the lead to 4-1. Alex then set up Claudia for a tap-in and Kim had her second after some good pressure from Carolyn forced a turnover. TDA were up 8-1 at the half and cruising to another win.

The second half was dominated by two themes, the first being that Carolyn got her scoring mojo back by scoring all 4 of TD’s remaining goals, one of which was caught in this pic, trust me, it went in:

And the second was that Alex, while setting up a pair of Carolyn’s goals, was making the opposition dizzy with his spin moves. How could it best be portrayed?…say hello to the first video re-enactment, the Alex Carousel, make sure your sound is cranked:


The final score was 16-1 as the Bulls continued their undefeated season.

Here are the current league standings:

And here are the updated Golden Boot standings:

Kim 14

Carolyn 6

Claudia 5

Simon 5

Phil 5

Justin 4

Alena 4

There is no game next week as the Bulls have a Bye, so Happy Holidays from this guy:


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