Crown (Winter I 2016) Game 7 Recap

Crown returned from Christmas with a game v. The Little Kickers as they looked to improve on their 4-2 record so far this season. Josh and Jeremy were out so Simon and Shawn held down the defense on this night, more on that later…

Crown had the edge in possession in the first half and it was not long before Simon went on a run and snuck on in with the aid of a defection. The Kickers were looking dangerous when they counter attacked, and after Shawn and Mark had increased Crown’s lead, they cut right back into it with a pair of goals. Eddie finished off a nice play with a goal late in the half and Crown went into the break with a 4-2 lead. Here are a couple of sequences from the 1st half action:

Steeeeeeeeerike! (Sorry John, couldn’t resist)

“I got it!”, “No, I got it!”, “No, I got it!”

“Halt!, You are surrounded!”

“No Brian, the other way, the Lord of the Dance wants it”

Insert Irish dance music, Michael Flatley would be proud…

Crown upped their lead in the second half as Phil converted a pair of goals, the second being a fierce right-footed finish. But just as Crown thought the game was in control, the Kickers began to chip away at the lead with a late push. They were aided by some pretty sketchy defense as both Simon and Shawn had what you may consider bad giveaways in front of their own net, but luckily there was no photographic evidence. Crown held on to win 6-5 but lost both Phil and Eddie to sprained ankles as they shared war stories at a lively after party. Luckily for them there are a few weeks before the playoffs begin.

Here are the current league standings:

And here are the updated Golden Boot standings:

Phil 14

Brian 10

Simon 6

Mark 5

Eddie 4

Shawn 2

Jeremy 1

Crown’s final regular season game is against the Honey Badgers, next Wednesday at 10:45pm. See you all (still not y’all 🇨🇦) in the New Year.


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