GW23 – Midweek Madness – Draft Fantasy Football

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So much to talk about, so little time…Gameweek 23 starts in a couple of days for Premier League Fantasy Football managers. We’ve got rotation due to Cup action, injuries, and a private jet involved, read my latest for Draft Fantasy Football here:


Team Fireball: The Untold Story

BlueSky Indoor Soccer Facility in Keller was the site for the Over 30 Division II Coed Championship on Saturday night. The Final featured an interesting group of misfits in the form of Team Fireball. Let’s take a look at the brief history of this newly formed team before we get into the Championship recap. Like any good recreational indoor soccer team this one was formed when drinking, which is always a good idea, right? So one fateful night, at a wedding, a bunch of this group decided, over shots of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, that they should start a coed team. And could there be a more fitting choice of name than the alcohol that spurned the decision? And so Fireball was created: read more

One Touch Winter I 2016 Season Recap

Monday night saw the culmination of the Over 40 Winter indoor season as One Touch took on White Lightning in the Championship Playoff Final. But before we get to the result, let’s examine how One Touch made their way to the title game by looking at their season in depth. It began strongly as usual with some lopsided victories putting them in a strong position heading into the holiday period, which always causes some lineup disruption with various players away on vacation. But One Touch persevered, despite having matchups with some of the other top teams, and managed to finish the season with yet another undefeated record. Here were the final standings: read more

Meet Crown: 5 Questions with John Garman

Before we get into the nitty gritty of John’s soccer life, there is the small issue of why this interview is happening this week. Well that is because Crown slumped to defeat in their Semi-Final game last Tuesday, here is a brief recap:

Crown (3rd) took on DW Energy FC (2nd) in the second Semi of the night with the winner going on to face Black Ops (4th) in the Championship after they upset the favored Honey Badgers (1st). It was always going to be a tough task as Crown had to do without the services of top scorer Phil who has been ruled out long term due to an upcoming foot surgery. The first half was one to forget for Crown as they were outplayed badly and trailed 6-0 at the break. Despite the result being out of reach, Crown did play a more competitive second half as the game ended 8-1 with Brian breaking the DW shutout. The season ended on a sour note but the new look Shawn went out in style: read more

Coed O30 (Winter I 2016) Championship Game Recap

It all came down to this, one game separated the The TDA Bulls from the 3-peat. Their opponent in the Final was Genesis, clearly their best competition this past regular season. With regulars Phil (injured) and Justin (getting 😼s down from 🌲s) out, Ricardo was called in to sub, and despite falling ill earlier that day, he still showed as he did not want to let us down and leave of short-handed…now that is a team player, we love you Ricky. Another big loss was that leading scorer Kim was also unable to make it, so who would step up to fill the role?,  you will have to read on. Genesis were boosted by the late addition on everyone’s favorite turncoat Brandon so the game promised to be closer than the regular season standings showed. read more

Draft Fantasy Football: GW22 Preview

The Transfer Window can throw a wrench into the works for Fantasy managers as players hear about interest from other clubs and start to think that the grass may be greener elsewhere. That is exactly what happened last weekend with a couple of big names being dropped, my Gameweek 22 Preview updates those situations and what to expect from this weekend’s action:


TDA Bulls (Winter I 2016) Game 8 Recap

It was the final game of the regular season for the TDA Bulls on Friday and they were looking to finish the season undefeated with a win over FC Peeps. In some sad news, Phil was ruled out for the remainder of the season with a bone issue in his ankle, 😢. Tyler was also unavailable so Ryan was asked to sub but apparently he was “jumped” by a group of ninjas and was unable to play due to the injuries sustained in the attack…btw, I do believe in ninjas, just not the attack. Ricardo was able to sub but TDA did not have a recognized goalie for the game so Doug and Simon created a good way of deciding who would go in net as Doug hosted a pre-game shot drinking session with all who showed being exempt from goalie duty, genius right? And so with each ding of the doorbell one more was off the hook…Simon, Justin, Kim and then Claudia just made the cutoff. A few shots of Whiskey later and it was time to head to the game. Oh wait, first you have to see this sneak peak of our host Doug’s fridge…a true athlete: read more

GW21 Preview: Draft Fantasy Football

Premier League Fantasy Football is back after a weekend off for FA Cup action. My latest preview article on the Draft Fantasy blog looks at the effect of the loss of various players to the African Cup of Nations.


Meet Crown: 5 Questions with Eddie Bribiesca

A Bye week for Crown means that you get a chance to get to know another member of the team, and this time it is a person who plays a large role in the total Crown experience, Eddie Bribiesca. Just a little background for those that don’t already know, but Eddie is the guy who graciously hosts the “After Party” once we are done giving our all every Tuesday/Wednesday night. It usually involves a mandatory 2 burgers consumption along with as much beer as you would like courtesy of Captain Keller. Sounds like a good deal, huh? Alright, to the questions already. read more

TDA Bulls (Winter I 2016) Game 7 Recap

It was Friday night so you know what that meant, the TDA Bulls were on the field looking to continue their undefeated season. Their opponents were the Ball Blasters whom they had defeated twice already so far this session. It was an interesting “winter” day as a dusting of snow sent North Texas into a full scale panic so the Bulls had to play the game short a girl after a couple of unmentioned ladies (CLAUDIA AND SOL) decided they could not brave the roads. Phil was also on the DL with an ankle sprain and leading scorer Kim was sick. But on the positive side, Simon got some Force Awakens Lego for Christmas (yes, his daughter got him Lego as a gift, that really should not surprise you) which included the dark-skinned character Finn, so Tyler no longer had to be C3PO! And no, none of this can be considered racist as Simon is Canadian. Now all we needed was for Tyler to actually be involved somehow in a memorable moment which hasn’t happened much this season. read more