TDA Bulls (Spring I 2017) Game 4 Recap

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It was Friday night, and it was a big game in the Coed Over 30 Division 1 with the top two teams meeting. First place was on the line as we hit the midpoint of the season as both teams were undefeated after 3 games. Let’s get straight to the recap since you are all on the edges of your seats in anticipation, I can tell.

Let me first say for simplicity Sorry For Partying will henceforth be known as SFP otherwise we may be here all day. TDA came out with an all out blitz of ball control and scoring chances but thanks to some solid goaltending SFP weathered the early storm and began to find their footing in the game. It was very competitive for the remainder of the first half but nobody could capitalize and get on the scoresheet as it was deadlocked 0-0 at the halftime interval. It was pretty evident that this game could be settled by a single goal, but who would go and get it? read more

Crown (Spring I 2017) Game 4 Recap

Crown were looking for their first points of the season when they took to the field against D.A.D. FC on Wednesday evening. There was a little bit of added motivation as Captain Keller brought this up as an option if we continue our losing streak:

Interesting…but let’s get back to the pre-game. John was unable to shrug off an injured foot after kicking the boards in disgust last game, but he was the only absentee so no subs were necessary…until Simon got the late call as Jeremy bailed in the hours before kickoff, I wonder what was so pressing…: read more

TDA Bulls (Spring I 2017) Game 3 Recap

The TDA Bulls (2-0) continued their season on Friday night against another new team, Barcelona #1 (1-1)…they must have named the team before the Champion’s League game this past week…😬. It was almost one of those rare occasions where the whole roster was in attendance, but Sol was missing at game time…so close. No guy sub was needed to be called, sorry B 😢. Barcelona had called out a couple of familiar faces so the Bulls knew this was not going to be easy. Here is how it all went down: read more

Crown (Spring I 2017) Game 3 Recap

Crown have endured a tough start to the new session with back to back losses at the hands of last season’s finalists. And it did not get any easier as they took on the always tough Honey Badgers. Injuries have been mounting for Crown as already without their top two scorers Phil and Brian, Simon dropped to the sub list for the remainder of the season due to an ongoing knee problem or big babyitis, not sure. Newcomer Patrick took over the full time spot and another fresh face in the form of Travis made his first appearance in place of Brian. The midfield was a little short on this night with Mark and Patrick unable to make it so Simon dropped his ice pack/pacifier and was called into action. read more

Crown (Spring I 2017) Game 2 Recap

Crown’s season continued this past Wednesday with a matchup against last season’s playoff finalist Black Ops. Crown were again without the injured Brian, plus defenders Shawn and Jeremy were unable to make this one. Micah and newcomer Patrick were called in to sub. Before I get to the recap, there was a pre-game incident that needs as little attention as Simon began the game with a swollen knee due to a freak incident at home. He was asked to get some groceries from the trunk, and being the nice guy that he is, he obliged, but his wife was preoccupied on her phone and had not taken her foot off the brake…well you see where this is going already, the car lurches back and cracks him in his already injured left knee: read more

TDA Bulls (Spring 1 2017) Game 2 Recap

The TDA Bulls stepped onto the field Friday night for their second game of the season versus Reccos FC, a new team who had also won their opening game. Brandon was called to sub once again as Justin was working, and leading scorer Kim was also a notable absentee. And now to the action.

It was an intense, up tempo start to the game but the Bulls were just beginning to take control, forcing some good saves from the Reccos keeper, when they fell behind 2-0 after some poor team defending allowed a girl an open shot from a corner. TDA quickly responded to tie things up 2-2 when Carolyn opened her account with a quick shot in the bottom corner. Reccos were keeping TDA at bay but Ricardo unleashed a powerful long shot for the 3-2 lead. Right at the halftime break Reccos were called for a Blue card foul which meant TDA would start the second half with a power play. read more

GW25 – Guess Who’s Back – Draft Fantasy Football

The upcoming Gameweeks are going to be full of blanks so enjoy this one while you can, some big decisions will need to be made soon. This week’s preview is posted for Draft Fantasy Football:


TDA Bulls (Spring I 2017) Game 1 Recap

Well after a minor scare with the possibility of BlueSky folding the Friday night Coed O30 league, some new teams signed up to save it, which in turn saves you from missing your favorite weekend reading minutes…

And so the TDA Bulls were back, looking for 4 straight Championships, but at the same time hoping it would be a much more competitive run to the title. There was one change to the roster as the injured Phil needed to be replaced, and it was a familiar face that did so as Ricardo re-joined up full time, welcome back. Oh, and speaking of players returning, a certain young man named Brandon finally saw the light deciding to come back to the roster as a sub and he was called out for the first game: read more

Crown (Spring I 2017) Game 1 Recap

The Spring season is upon us and Crown were right back on the field on Wednesday night. But first a little housekeeping as there was a roster change for the upcoming season. Phil (injury/surgery) had to be replaced so “Big” Tim White returned to full time status after a hiatus. Phil, you will be missed, but you know that already…

So Crown got the lucky position of having to open the new season against the defending champs DW Energy FC. It was an early game so both rosters were looking thin at kickoff with just one sub each. Here is a pre-kickoff pic complete with commentary: read more