GW30 Preview – Draft Fantasy Football

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Premier League Fantasy Football is back after the International break and there is plenty to talk about, injuries, travel concerns, etc. It’s all in my latest GW Preview up on the Draft Fantasy blog:


TDA Bulls (Spring I 2017) Game 8 Recap

The TDA Bulls wrapped up their regular season on Friday night in a game v. Barcelona #1. First place was already a guarantee but both these teams come to play every night so it was expected to be a good one. There was a major pre-game announcement as the news trickled in that Doug had his unjust suspension reduced and was back eligible to play, it was about time the “Attica!, Attica!” chants were taken seriously, unfortunately a back injury delayed his return. Justin was also missing for the men so Brandon got the call to sub once again. For the ladies, Captain Carolyn was the only omission as she went out of town which practically handed the Golden Boot to Kim. And the final bit of pre-game info to mention is that Barcelona wears a shade of green so instead of wearing the bibs (because those are for babies) the Bulls decided to wear Red on this night. Here is how the action went down: read more

Crown (Spring I 2017) Game 7/8 Recap

Before we get to the Game 8 Recap, let’s first take care of Game 7 for those readers that were distraught at the lack of a blog post last week. It was Spring Break so Crown had over half of their regulars on vacation, plus it was an 11:30pm game time so subs were hard to come by. This all led to a Forfeit loss to Black Ops which had the standindgs looking like this:

So what did this mean for Crown you ask? It meant that the only way the playoff round was possible was for Crown to knock off the undefeated top-placed Honey Badgers and then hope other results go their way, a tough ask for sure. It was another game with a personnel crisis with regulars Captain Keller, Mark, Eddie, Jeremy and John out, so subs were called as Simon, Micah, Rob and Pistol stepped up to help out. There was a bit of pre-game texting banter going on which included this confidence booster from our very own Captain: read more

TDA Bulls (Spring I 2017) Game 7 Recap

It was 1st v 2nd on Friday night as the TDA Bulls took on Reccos FC but there was the added complication of it being Spring Break week and St. Patrick’s Day so the Bulls were struggling to field a full lineup. Already without the suspended Doug, TDA were also without the services of Captain Carolyn, Tyler, Ricardo and Claudia for various reasons. So Ryan was called in to sub in the goal and Brandon on the field. There was also a scare in the lead up to the game as Kim had some babysitting issues but they were resolved so the Bulls had just enough to field a full team with no subs. read more

TDA Bulls (Spring I 2017) Game 6 Recap

It was Friday night once again which meant that the TDA Bulls were back in action taking on the Ball Blasters. The Bulls would have to do without star defender Doug for the remainder of the season as he was given an additional suspension after last week’s unjust Red card. We would all like to stage a protest to have Doug released but it wouldn’t do any good so for now he remains like this:

Kim was delayed due to coming from the airport, and with Claudia unable to make it and Brandon with some last minute babysitter issues, TDA began the game with no subs at the bench. This was a matchup of the 1st place team versus the last place team and it showed in the 1st half as the Bulls built a 13-0 lead, led by 5 goals from Captain Carolyn, a pair from Justin and a single from Alena. read more

Crown (Spring I 2017) Game 6 Recap

Crown were coming off their first win of the season when they took to the field on Wednesday night against the always tough DW Energy FC. John, Josh and Eddie were out for this one so Simon was called upon to sub once again and obliged. Crown have had a tendency to fade in the 2nd half this season so they were hoping to put together a full game of effort…you’ll see where I am going with this pretty quickly.

Well Crown decided not to wait for the 2nd half and soon found themselves down 3-0 within the first 5 minutes of the game which was making it hard for the scorekeeper to get his homework done unfortunately. Crown settled down and after getting a dubious foul called their way, they had a free kick at the side of the net. After some good movement and a perfectly placed pass by Jeremy, Travis had Crown on the board with a close in finish. DW then tacked on a couple of goals before halftime and Crown were facing an uphill climb down 5-1 at the break. read more

GW28 Preview – Draft Fantasy Football

It is a bit of an rare week in the world of Premier League Fantasy Football with only 4 games on the schedule so you may have to get creative, but don’t worry, I am there to guide you through it, just read my latest for Draft Fantasy Football:


TDA Bulls (Spring I 2017) Game 5 Recap

After last week’s grudge match, the TDA Bulls returned to the field v. Genesis in their first meeting since last season’s Championship Final. There was a tweak since that game as Brandon was now back where he belonged with the Bulls and he was called to sub for this one with Justin out, most likely poolside in a tropical location. It was also the young man’s Birthday the day before so there was a little pre-game at Doug’s to toast his youngness:

Unfortunately, B was enduring a nightmarish 1hr+ drive with multiple delays so he never made it…😢: read more