Lugnuts Reunion Game 2 Recap

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It was the second game of the Lugnuts Reunion season on Thursday night as they took on Questionable FC, or QFC as I will call them the rest of the way as I am tired and grouchy after getting home at 1am then enduring a two-hour power outage in the wee hours of the night. Well the grouchiness is more coming from the fact that we played with no subs as it seems some people have yet to come to grips with the term Reunion, as here is a list of the absentees from last night:

Stephen (gallivanting):

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Flashback Friday: “Beastly Foot”

As as guy who has played a ton of soccer games, whether indoor or outdoor, over my 40+ years of existence, I have been blessed with a fairly resilient body as major injuries have been few and far between. I did break a small bone in my leg in my early 30s but it was a clean break and while the healing was lengthy, the rehabilitation was pretty minor afterwards. But in early 2015 I suffered a freak ankle injury that is the inspiration for my latest Flashback article. Let me first explain the details of how it happened so you can understand the freak aspect. read more

One Touch Summer I 2017 Season Recap

One Touch were in the O40 Championship on Monday night which has become a common occurrence the last couple of years. They were going for another 3-peat and found themselves in a matchup with a somewhat unlikely opponent based on previous seasons. Before we get to the recap there are a few things to take care of, starting with a look at One Touch’s road to the Final, as they finished in 1st place yet again:

The only blip was a loss to White Lightning, the second game of a tough double header where Rob and Simon may or may not have gone drinking in between: read more

Coed O30 (Summer I 2017) Championship Recap

It was Friday night and time for the Coed O30 (Summer I) Championship. It came as no surprise that the TDA Bulls were in contention for the title after another successful regular season saw them dominate once again. Here is a look at those Final Regular Season Standings as TDA finished in 1st place yet again:

You may notice a L on there but it was a Forfeit due to almost all our players competing in the Jackson Project Tournament that Friday night. Also the Bulls’ opposition was not actually known until they arrived as there was a final regular season matchup earlier in the night that had major implications. Barcelona #1 and the SharpShooters faced off with the latter needing an upset win to overturn a two point gap and gain entry into the Championship, and they did just that with a 6-3 win. And so we had our two finalists. Half of the TDA squad was missing (Doug, Brandon, Justin, Kim, Tara, Carolyn) so the remaining players made up a lineup with no subs (Tyler, Ricardo, Simon, Glen, Alena, Jorden, Katie). Here is the recap: read more

Lugnuts Reunion Game 1 Recap

After all the pre-season trash talk it was time for the first game of the Lugnuts Reunion season. GameOn Sports Arena in Fort Worth was the site, and Fury was their opposition. The Lugnuts were previously a fixture in Division 1 but it was decided that D2 would be a much better fit, we hope, as everyone is 5 yrs older plus a handful of the returnees have had to dust off the old soccer shoes. Also Luke claims to have given his red jersey to goodwill but I like to think it is framed in his man cave. There was some pre-game news to share as Brad (off on safari), Nathan (nursing “evening sickness”), Brett (flight delay) and Jesse (big babyitis) were unable to attend. Kinda makes this comment a little ironic, huh: read more

Men’s O30 (Summer I 2017) Championship Recap

After the completion of the regular season last week it was time for the Over 30 Division 1 Championship on Wednesday night. The Final pitted the 1st-placed and undefeated (8-0) DW Energy FC against your beloved Crown who enjoyed a bounce back season to finish in 2nd place with a decent 5-3 record, led by Golden Boot winner Simon…who could have never done it without Travis’ 3 assists, that classy enough “Coach”? Being brutally honest, Crown were in tough as DW dominated them in both regular season meetings. Mark and Jeremy were out so Simon and Brandon were called to sub. Unfortunately Brandon was nowhere to be seen at game time and Josh was not permitted to play as the facility incorrectly said he had not played a regular season game. Really BlueSky?, c’mon, get your… read more

Lugnuts – Season Preview

Herrrroooo Rugnuts! Ok, I will lay off the Nathan impersonation…for now. For those who are not familiar, the Lugnuts were a successful Over 30 (and dabbled in Open) team run by our fearless leader Nathan Chan around 5 years ago. Sure there were some Championships but this team was about more than that, it was about the banter and more importantly the drinking afterwards, mostly in the parking lot but there was the occasional Oscar’s and Chili’s thrown in there. Recently it was thought to be a good idea to resurrect (fitting word as I think at least one member may have passed since then) the team for a Summer season while the after party weather was at its finest. Only time will tell if this is a good idea. Here is a look at one of those past Championship teams featuring some of this season’s familiar faces: read more

Crown (Summer I 2017) Game 8 Recap

Crown wrapped up their Summer I season with a game versus The Little Kickers on Wednesday night. A spot in the Championship was already achieved so this one was for 💩💩 and giggles, well that and the usual reason of just playing the game of soccer because it is awesome, plus the majority of us need the exercise and chance to improve…not me of course. Speaking of me, I was given another sub spot which came with the opportunity to compete for the Golden Boot. Travis and Simon were tied at the top with Captain Keller breathing down our necks, no literally, he breathes down our necks from defense. Mark was still out, along with Tim, Jeremy and Josh, so Alex O. was also asked to sub. Here is the game recap…would Travis go back-to-back and hold on to that ever so important “Coach” nickname or would it become “Choke” 😱: read more

Crown (Summer I 2017) Game 7 Recap

The regular season was winding down for Crown on Wednesday night as they had a hugely important game against Donkey ⚽️s. A win for either team would put them in a great spot as far as qualifying for the Summer I Playoff Championship, joining the waiting DW Energy FC. Crown continued to be down some key players as Mark, Jeremy and Josh were out but big Tim returned to action, plus the usual sub appearance from Simon, and even Brandon was a glutton for punishment and was in attendance. Here is the recap: read more