Lugnuts Reunion Game 2 Recap

It was the second game of the Lugnuts Reunion season on Thursday night as they took on Questionable FC, or QFC as I will call them the rest of the way as I am tired and grouchy after getting home at 1am then enduring a two-hour power outage in the wee hours of the night. Well the grouchiness is more coming from the fact that we played with no subs as it seems some people have yet to come to grips with the term Reunion, as here is a list of the absentees from last night:

Stephen (gallivanting):

Brett (traveling), Brad (safari), Cisco (studying), Fabricio (😴?), Kevin (still recovering from Game 1/big babyitis), Chris (Chris being Chris), Jesse (Jesse being Chris)

And while there were some valid excuses in there, some just no-showed…it’s only one season people, a chance to play some soccer and socialize afterwards, it can’t be that hard to commit and show up, can it? And so the Lugnuts went into the game with a injured Craig in net, a captain who hadn’t kicked a ball in ages, and down a man until finally some good fortune as Jeff showed up to sub. Regardless, it looked like a tough task ahead as QFC had a small army in attendance. Recap time:

Lugnuts v Questionable FC:

It was really not that surprising that QFC jumped out quick, but the manner left something to be desired as a couple of giveaways led to a pair of goals against. It was 3-0 before the Lugnuts managed a response as Simon fed Luke on the wing and he did the rest blasting in the top corner, 3-1. QFC continued to attack though and built a 5-1 lead, and this was the point where the Lugnuts could have folded like a deck chair but there was still some fight left, led by the same combo of Simon-to-Luke, the same result, top shelf to make it 5-2. Simon then snuck through the defense, was stopped by a sprawling goalie, but he fed Pete on the rebound for the empty netter, 5-3. QFC answered before the half and took a 6-3 lead into the break, not too bad considering.

The second half was always going to be tough as the Lugnuts were fighting tired legs and QFC took full advantage upping their lead to 8-3. But the Lugnuts would not go away as Luke fired a pass to Simon who re-directed in front to Jeff who in-turn cheekily back-heeled past the keeper, 8-4. As usual QFC answered to make it 9-4 but a pair of goals from Simon got it to 9-6, the first a steal from the keeper (who had had his number up until then), and the second a long individual effort beating a pair of defenders and the goalie (twice actually). There was one final QFC goal as they finished things off with a 10-6 win. It was a spirited effort from the Lugnuts given the circumstances, but they drop to 0-0-2.

The player of the game could have conceivably gone to Craig for playing goal while not 100%, or Jeff for showing up and giving us a fighting chance, but Simon’s 2G, 4A takes it.

Here are the current standings:

And here are your Golden Boot leaders:

Simon 3

Luke 2

Pete 1

Jeff 1

Fabricio 1

And the Golden Sock (Assists) leaders:

Simon 4

Cisco 2

Jeff 1

And finally the POTG leaders:

Stephen 1

Simon 1

The Lugnuts have a Bye next week so we have a chance to re-group and see if we can get some bodies healed up and ready to go for our first W, or maybe it is just an extra week to work on new excuses, only time will tell. I hate to say it but maybe we need Brad…you totally thought I was going to say Chris, right? Nah, we are done barking up that tree.

Enjoy the week off.


4 thoughts on “Lugnuts Reunion Game 2 Recap”

  1. Important to note that we owned them the last 3 minutes. We could feel it, they could feel it, all of the fans could feel it. We just spotted them too big a lead in the first 37 minutes.
    Also important to note is that although the number of players was reduced, we increased or fan base from 0 fans to 2 fans.

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