Lugnuts Reunion Game 6 Recap

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The Lugnuts were coming off of their first win of the Reunion season when they took on Los Messicans on Thursday night. It was the last chance to get the bulk of the team together as the last couple of games will have quite a few key players away for various reasons. Who are we kidding, we have only had the bulk of this lineup out for one game and we won, see a trend there? Speaking of people missing, we did have a few for this game but still managed a decent amount of subs at the bench. Could the Lugnuts start an actual streak? Here is the recap: read more

Crown (Summer II 2017) Game 4 Recap

[Disclaimer: I kind of gave Ava free reign to add as many emojis as she saw fit given the situation this week so it is the first ever “Emoji Edition”]

After last week’s tough 2-2 draw ๐Ÿ˜ค with defending champion DW Energy FC, the two teams met once again (huh?๐Ÿค”) with the added wrinkle this week that it was in the late, and I mean late, 11:30pm time slotย ๐Ÿ˜ด.ย Often I leave for a Crown game and not return until the next day, but that is usually after a couple of ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ” and a few ๐Ÿป. But in these incidences the next day arrives during the second half, let’s just hope nobody turns into a pumpkin (What? No pumpkin emoji, well here is an ๐Ÿ† then) at midnight. As is with this case with this time slot there are a few players who will just not play so subs were needed to be called with Fidel continuing in net and Doug, Micah and Eddie on the field. What we thought was 4 subs ultimately turned into 2 as Keith (valid excuse) and Travis (not so much ๐Ÿ˜ก) did not make it. Here is your recap for this week: read more

Lugnuts Reunion Game 5 Recap

The Lugnuts Reunion continued on Thursday night as they began the second half of the season still in search of that elusive first win. Stephen came up with the great idea to meet at Chili’s for a little pre-game while we caught a bit of the Man Utd-Man City preseason match being held in Houston, a game in which our own Chris Lee was attending so he was excused for the night, maybe for the best as he probably was not recovered from last week’s headshot. So while Brett and Simon knocked back a few quite large Dos Equis to dull the pain of tendinitis and hip replacements (it works as a treatment by the way), Chris went on the hunt for a new Lugnuts manager to try and turn the winless season around, in need of a little Pep maybe?: read more

Crown (Summer II 2017) Game 3 Recap

Well Rodney dodged a bullet as what was supposed to be a bye week, and his 5 Questions interview, turned into a re-scheduled game due to the Donkeys dropping from the league. And so Crown took on the defending champs DW Energy FC in their third game of the season. Captain Keller missed this one as he was working on his bromance with Jason in Florida, more on that later. As for the team news, the goalkeeping issue was solved for one week at least as a familiar face returned in net with Fidel providing cover for the injured Pistol and backup Rodney. A few subs were needed on the field too so Micah, Will and Rob were called out, here is this week’s recap: read more

Lugnuts Reunion Game 4 Recap

It was Thursday night which means the Lugnuts Reunion marched on with a game against a fellow winless team in Chimera. This one was clearly marked down on the schedule as a chance to get 3 points but naturally I must first tell you who could not make it this week, it’s only right that there be a bunch, right? Let’s see…Pete, Craig and Luke were out of town and Cisco was also unable to attend. But there was some good news as Stephen returned in the net and Jesse was able to make his debut.ย I think I will give Craig a pass this week since his excuse had the most validity by the looks of it, staying fit for next week and beats the heck out of the Top Golf excuse… read more

Flashback Friday: Mexico ’86

One of the most memorable World Cups for many, including myself, was Mexico ’86. It was highlighted by the emergence of the brilliant and controversial legend Diego Maradona, along with his infamous “Hand of God” goal that broke the hearts of a nation and a certain 10-yr old boy ๐Ÿ˜ข. You can easily search the details of this tournament with much more accuracy on Wikipedia than my mind can remember but what you won’t read there is my personal story of a young English schoolboy doing what all his age did at the time, and that was to try to collect an epic complete Panini sticker album. And while the tournament itself had some scandal, including the above mentioned goal, and the mascot Pique (seen below) who was deemed to be stereotyping the Mexican people, I was enduring a bit of my own along the way otherwise I would not writing this edition to my Flashback Friday collection. Intrigued yet?, of course you are, let’s do this. read more

Crown (Summer II 2017) Game 1 + 2 Recaps

This edition was a double, then a triple, then back to a double. How does that happen you are asking? All will be revealed I promise. So a few weeks ago I was planning Ava’s small Birthday party at Altitude Trampoline Park and I thought to myself, I will book it for a Tuesday night, the only possible game I could not make would be a 7:45pm v MG2…and so the schedule was released and it was, you guessed it, 7:45pm v MG2. Needless to say I missed it (and the burger after) so here is a brief recap of that 1st game: read more

Lugnuts Reunion Game 3 Recap

After a week off the Lugnuts (0-0-2) were back in action on Thursday night with the third game of their Summer Reunion season. Their opponent was a fellow winless team in Grandbruy (typo GameOn?) United (0-1-2). The Lugnuts have had their fair share of personnel issues so far and there were more missing this week with Stephen, Luke, Craig and Fabricio out but at least it was a pleasant surprise to actually have a couple of subs at the bench this time around as Brett and Chris got their first action this season. We also thought we were welcoming the return of a much-needed sniper up front in the form of…no, not the aforementioned Brett, but Brad: read more