Lugnuts Reunion Game 3 Recap

After a week off the Lugnuts (0-0-2) were back in action on Thursday night with the third game of their Summer Reunion season. Their opponent was a fellow winless team in Grandbruy (typo GameOn?) United (0-1-2). The Lugnuts have had their fair share of personnel issues so far and there were more missing this week with Stephen, Luke, Craig and Fabricio out but at least it was a pleasant surprise to actually have a couple of subs at the bench this time around as Brett and Chris got their first action this season. We also thought we were welcoming the return of a much-needed sniper up front in the form of…no, not the aforementioned Brett, but Brad:

But it came as no surprise to anyone in the known galaxy that he rolled his ankle/sprained his lady parts on his safari, thus ruling him out for the season, 😱. And so the Lugnuts would have to struggle on without getting to see his Ferrari or Kevlar-coated pickup…here is the recap of their third game:

Lugnuts v Grandbruy United:

It was a humorous beginning as a defensive miscue led to GU scoring within the first 10s of the game, to which Simon answered the incredulous looks between Brett and Chris with, “Welcome to the Reunion fellas”. And it was not long before the Lugnuts were 2-0 down. Offensive chances were hard to come by but the Lugnuts got on the board when Chris played Simon in behind the defense and he touched past the keeper and finished in the empty net, 2-1. The rest of the half was not very stellar to say the least as GU built a 5-1 lead at halftime. But this Lugnuts team does not lie down and played a much improved second half, as Brett from Pete made it 5-2. And despite falling behind 7-2 the Lugnuts would not go away, with Simon setting up Brett for his second of the game with a low corner shot. Then Simon set up Chris for a tap-in and the comeback was on! Actually no as there were only 30s left…but while losing 7-4 the Lugnuts actually won the second half 3-2 so that is all we remember as we are old.

The Player of the Game was easy again this week as the returning Brett took it. In the hockey world there is a thing called the “Gordie Howe Hat-Trick” which is a G, A and a fight and Brett did his version last night with a 6-pack, 2Gs and a Blue Card. Here is a pic and transcript of Simon’s post game interview with our weekly (and shirtless) POTG:

Simon: “Welcome back Bre…”

Brett: “I had a six pack before the game”

Simon: “Very nice, makes your POTG even more impressive”

Brett: “Yeah…and I was 8 beers in”

Simon: “Ok, this is escalating pretty quick, let’s head outside and get that number up to double digits”

Here are the current standings with the Lugnuts not in last place I might add:

And here are your Golden Boot leaders:

Simon 4

Brett 2

Luke 2

Pete 1

Jeff 1

Fabricio 1

Chris 1

And the Golden Sock leaders:

Simon 6

Cisco 2

Jeff 1

Pete 1

Chris 1

And finally the POTG leaders:

Stephen 1

Simon 1

Brett 1

The next game for the Lugnuts (0-0-3) is next Thursday at 8:15pm against Chimera (0-0-3), something has got to give, well we will probably tie after I said that. And wow an early game, maybe 4 subs then???


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