Lugnuts Reunion Game 4 Recap

It was Thursday night which means the Lugnuts Reunion marched on with a game against a fellow winless team in Chimera. This one was clearly marked down on the schedule as a chance to get 3 points but naturally I must first tell you who could not make it this week, it’s only right that there be a bunch, right? Let’s see…Pete, Craig and Luke were out of town and Cisco was also unable to attend. But there was some good news as Stephen returned in the net and Jesse was able to make his debut. I think I will give Craig a pass this week since his excuse had the most validity by the looks of it, staying fit for next week and beats the heck out of the Top Golf excuse…

Lugnuts v Chimera:

It didn’t take long for the first interesting incident as Chris blocked a goal bound free kick with his noggin leaving him dazed and confused, even afterwards he claimed the shot he blocked was so powerful it came from this guy:

[Artistic credit thanks to Ava]

Chris thankfully recovered but the Lugnuts didn’t as Chimera eventually took a 1-0 lead. But Chris shook off the cobwebs to find Simon down the right wing and he finished from a sharp angle to tie things up. The Lugnuts then upped their lead to 3-1 as Simon to Brett to Jesse made it 2-1 followed by Jesse returning the favor to Brett for the next one. 3-1 Lugnuts at the halftime break, could the first W be on the way?

The beginning of the second half was a rough one as Chimera had the game tied up after a couple of fortunate breaks/defensive breakdowns allowed a pair of goals. But Jesse re-established the Lugnuts lead as he went on a solo run from halfway, turning his defender into a pretzel before powering past the keeper. Chimera then began to get the better of the play and reclaimed the lead at 5-4, although there was an element of luck to it as Brett deflected a shot into his own net 😳. But he did make amends shortly after by tying the game up once again with a free kick effort. At 5-5 the Lugnuts had a couple of opportunities to grab the lead but it was Chimera with a well worked goal to go in front 6-5. With just under 10s remaining Chimera got a 6th foul pk and converted for a final score of 7-5. So close yet so far for the Lugnuts, but there is the belief that there is a Win in this squad before all is said and done.

The POTG was a tough one this week as both Brett and Jesse had 2G, 1A…Brett did get a third though so that takes it, wait, wrong end, Jesse it is then.

Here are the current standings with the Lugnuts at the wrong end of the table looking up, we may, just may have chosen the wrong division 🤔:

And here are your Golden Boot leaders:

Simon 5

Brett 4

Luke 2

Jesse 2

Pete 1

Jeff 1

Fabricio 1

Chris 1

And the Golden Sock leaders:

Simon 6

Cisco 2

Chris 2

Jeff 1

Pete 1

Brett 1

Jesse 1

And finally the POTG leaders:

Stephen 1

Simon 1

Brett 1

Jesse 1

Wait, one more new category, the King Chan OG tally:

Brett 1 😳

The next game for the Lugnuts (0-0-4) is next Thursday at 10:30pm against Martinez (1-1-1), hmmm, if just one guy called Martinez shows up then we might just get our first win…


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