Flashback Friday: “Butter Some Bread”

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Anyone who knows me knows that I have played all types of soccer over my career in the sport including outdoor, indoor, futsal, coed, over 30, over 40, and in England, Canada and more recently here in the US. I have many stories over the years varying from stunning goals, to epic comebacks, to crazy altercations. This little story is about the last kind because everyone needs a little crazy in their life, right? During my time at the University of Western Ontario, or UWO as I will refer to it going forward, I played on many intramural teams, meeting many different players which eventually led to putting together a pretty dominant Men’s team that would meet on Sunday mornings and lay the smack down on our competition. On one of these such mornings I narrowly missed being stabbed…that caught your interest, huh? You better keep reading then… read more

Crown (Fall I 2017) Game 3 Recap

Crown were back on the turf on Wednesday night, and what a turf it was…the new ground has been described by others so far as quicksand, squishy, squashy, trampolinish (no, that is not an actual word), etc so we shall see how it affected Crown’s style of play shortly. Their opponents on this night were the newly promoted JFHF FC, winners of D2 last season, who I think I will just call JFC going forward as it is a pain to type all those capitals, yeah, bloggers can be divas sometimes too. Crown had a bit of an issue in goal as both Rodney and Travis were unable to play, so David was brought in to fill the void, making his Crown debut. Just before we get to the recap there was an odd email sent out to Crown early this week by John regarding bringing snacks…here is a transcript with my inner thoughts at the time in bold: read more

Crown (Fall I 2017) Game 2 Recap

Well it turns out Crown did have a game this week due to a schedule change so you are in luck. Well you were almost unlucky actually as with the bread winner Christina out of town on business, Simon scrambled to find a sitter but a close friend came through, thanks again Billie! After a slim 2-1 defeat in their opener Crown were looking to even their record with a win over The Little Kickers who were playing their first game of the season. A pretty full squad was in attendance (I’ll spare you any emojis this time) with just the main man Captain Keller and no-show Travis missing. Better get to the recap, there were goals aplenty (I so want to put an emoji there): read more

Crown (Fall I 2017) Game 1 Recap 😱

[Disclaimer: Shocked Emoji Edition 😱]

No rest for the weary as Crown’s new season kicked off with a Tuesday night game versus MG2. There were a couple of roster moves as Eddie returned to full time after his surgery for big babyitis was successful 😱. Rodney also made his return from injury, stepping into the net to cover for the ailing Pistol. There is also one new addition to the Crown blog as I am going to attempt to track assists under the Golden Sock category, and by I, I really mean WE, it takes a team effort to do this as my mind is not perfect 😱, so hopefully the guys at the bench will put the ticks on the clipboard when the goals are scored, only time will tell. I can tell you are all totally curious now about how the clipboard performed and why so many 😱😱 were needed so here is the recap already. read more

Men’s O30 (Summer II 2017) Championship Recap

It was time for the Men’s O30 Championship once again and two familiar foes were going head to head as multiple defending champion DW Energy FC were taking on Crown as has become custom recently. DW have a bit of a dynasty going, especially since a couple of teams left for another facility so it has been down to Crown to give them some level of competition. This past regular season Crown and DW split the three matchups against each other 1-1-1 so that was an improvement on previous seasons. This game was originally scheduled for last Wednesday at 11:30pm, which let’s all agree was absolutely ridiculous, especially since it is the Playoff Final of the highest O30 division. The teams fielded that late at night are often not representative of the actual team that qualified for the Final, so Rick and Simon banded together to pressure BlueSky into righting their wrong and got it moved to a more reasonable time slot the next Wednesday. Alright, here we are then, time to find out who prevailed, on to the recap: read more