Crown (Fall I 2017) Game 5/6 Recaps

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It’s a Double Edition after last week’s mental health break so we better get right into it with a brief Game 5 recap:

Crown v DW Energy FC:

Crown had a fairly full lineup as Travis was the only full-timer missing when they took on the 1st-placed DW. Crown played a very solid game overall, taking the lead 1-0 on a nice goal by Mark as he pressured the defense and fired a low shot in. A couple of power plays aided DW and they went on to take it by a 3-1 final score. There was more bad news from the game as Crown lost Doug to an unfortunate knee injury, fingers crossed it is not a long term one. read more

Crown (Fall I 2017) Game 4 Recap

Well let me start by saying that we made “The Beard” walk the Crown gauntlet in the pre-game for not answering his 5 Questions this past week but he then apologized suitably and has promised to have them done soon so look for that for some extra weekend reading. What does a Crown gauntlet actually look like? So glad you asked, something like this although it really missed Johnny as he kicks shins with the best of them:

And get your minds out of the gutter, we had to wear our yellows, this was not an attack by shirtless guys…well maybe Keith was.¬†With that taken care of it was time to use that kicking motion to get some balls in the net as Crown were taking on MG2 in a must win game. Why a must win this early in the season, well I am glad you asked that too. With only the top 2 making the Championship each season head to head tie-breakers can become very important by season’s end and Crown had dropped their previous game to MG2 so a win was vital and beating that 2-1 scoreline was also mandatory. Alright, enough questions, only answers now, here is the recap: read more