One Touch Fall 2017 Season Recap

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One Touch headed into the Fall season on the heels of another Championship and were looking to add one more before moving on to a new challenge. After many seasons at BlueSky, One Touch has decided to make the switch over to Southlake Stampede to give their Over 40 league a try, hoping to freshen things up with some new opponents and stiffer competition on a weekly basis. That is not to say their final Playoff competitors, White Lightning, would not put up a fight but before we get to that let’s have a look at how the regular season played out. It was your typical One Touch season full of lopsided results amassing an impressive +71 goal differential over 8 games, but they would have to settle for 2nd place as White Lightning finished in 1st with a very solid undefeated season, including a head-to-head win over One Touch. Here is a look at the regular season standings: read more

Crown (Fall I 2017) Game 8 Recap

After suffering a pair of tightly contested 5-4 losses to their main competition in the last two weeks, Crown went into their final game of the Fall season already knowing that they were unable to make the Playoff Championship. But we play because we love the game, and there was also the issue of settling the team statistics as the Golden Boot and Sock would be handed out afterwards, Shawn please start on working on some physical trophies…and not involving any of Jason’s used boots or socks, thanks. Let’s get to the recap and see how things played out. read more

Crown (Fall I 2017) Game 7 Recap

After a couple of close defeats the last couple of weeks, Crown found themselves in the tough position of having to win their final two games to get into 2nd place and qualify for the Playoff Championship. The stiffest test was on Wednesday as they faced current first-placed and defending champion DW Energy FC. Crown would have to do so without key defender Doug after the news came out this week that his recent injury will require surgery and he is looking at a long layoff. And what does a blown knee look like? Glad you asked, apparently like this: read more