Fantasy Focus: Midseason Review

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With the Fantasy Premier League season reaching the halfway point I like to put all the various fantasy formats I am undertaking into one blog so I can look back at the season’s end to see if I made any improvements during the second half. Let’s kick things off with the big daddy of the fantasy world as we look at the ups and downs of my Official FPL team.



Did I start slow? Yes. Did that lead to me probably using my Wildcard too early? Yes. Have I taken too many hits? Yes. Have I jumped on a few bandwagons? Yes. Have I picked the wrong Captain more often than not? Yes. Ok, will all that negativity out of the way let’s see what I am happy about. I have definitely have done well waiting until later in the Gameweeks to make my transfers which I am sure has saved me some extra points along the way. I have also kept all my other chips in tact which I think is going to be very beneficial when the Blank and Double Gameweeks come knocking on the door. With a very strong GW19 performance of 💯 pts my Overall Rank rose to its highest of the season at 252,440 out of 5,572,909 players. This is how the season has unfolded: read more

Crown (Winter I 2017) Game 3/4 Recap

Two more games to recap from the last few weeks as Crown were looking for their first win of the season taking on the undefeated Fugitives FC and the defending champions JFHF FC. I am not messing around, right to the summaries.

Crown v Fugitives FC:

It was a decent start for Crown as the game was pretty even until Fugitives opened the scoring, but in the aftermath of the goal the Fugitives scorer was given a straight Red card for spitting on the new indoor turf. Needless to say a bunch of complaining ensued, but it is clearly sign-posted that spitting = automatic Red, plus using the excuse of being new to the facility is ridiculous, no place allows it. There was a clear change in momentum as Crown built a 4-2 lead at the halftime break on the strength of a pair of goals from Brandon and singles from Tim and Mark. But Fugitives had their main offensive weapon show up late in the first half so the second half would be tough. And boy was it, Crown fell apart getting outscored 9-1 in the second half, with the only highlight being a rocket of a finish by Captain Keller into the top corner. So Crown fell 11-5, but now I will get on my soapbox to state that this Fugitives team could take a lesson on how to win with some kind of class. Picture the Thunderdome surrounded by a bunch of Ric Flairs…so much woooooooooing going on, disturbing and pretty obnoxious I might add. read more

Crown (Winter I 2017) Game 1/2 Recap

Crown returned for the O30 Winter season with a pair of games to cover, why two you ask?, well I can explain. For this season the blog will consist of Double Editions as this is the busiest time of the writing season for me. With Premier League (and Fantasy) soccer having multiple games a week over the holiday season I will have my hands full, not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas means I will be on “Ava duty”, plus the visits of multiple grandparents. But I knew there would be people with picket signs on my front lawn if I took a season off so this is my compromise. Before we get into the recaps I need to let you know of a couple of roster changes as Rob and Brian returned to full-time spots. Alright, back to back recap time: read more