Crown (Spring 2018) Game 7/8 Recap

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Crown finished up the regular season portion of the Spring season with a pair of very vital games as they took on the two teams just below them in the standings who were fighting for the two spots in the Playoff Championship. There were a lot of possible permutations of how things could play out but needless to say Crown would know specifically what they had to do once the first result was known. Would they choke? Or would they come through? Here are the recaps.

Crown v TNFC:

Crown began the game very well and scored a pair of tic-tac-toe goals in the opening moments of the first half with Mark and Tim polishing off the nice team moves. And there was more from Crown to come as Simon took a pass from Shawn and finished in the corner to make it 3-0 (with his visiting Pops watching, bonus 👍). Rob was then the next on the board as he tried to make amends for last week by scoring a nice solo effort and Crown held a commanding 4-0 lead at halftime. But the saying goes, ‘It was a tale of two halves’ as TNFC clawed their way back with a pair of goals as Crown were guilty of some sloppy play all over the field. Mark (2) eased the pressure to make it 5-2 but TNFC had Crown pinned in their defensive zone for much of the remainder of the second half. But they were not able to capitalize on their opportunities and when Mark (3) scored late Crown took the important victory which took them to the verge of a spot in the Championship with a game left to play. It was not pretty in that second half and the final score flattered Crown a little but the job was done regardless.

Player of the Game:

You won’t believe this but we had yet another hat trick so Mark takes the POTG because that is now just a rule.

Crown v Icy Hot:

It was the final game of the season and Crown knew what needed to be done to get into the Playoff Final. A win/tie would be enough, and they could actually lose too, just not by more than 3 goals, easy, right? But at kickoff Crown had just the right amount to play, no subs due to the absences of Eddie, Jeremy, Rob, Tim and Micah. PJ was supposed to sub but was running late as is his custom, so when the game began Keith was looking at playing the whole game at forward so Shawn had the EMS on speed dial as a precaution (you’re welcome Wiley, I see you out there reading). It was almost a horror start as an old thorn in Crown’s side, Blaze, managed to find himself in alone on Rodney in the opening minute but the deputy keeper made the save giving Shawn time to pull his pants back up 😳. Crown began to find their footing as the half progressed and took the lead eventually when Alex took a nice shot that Simon attempted to screen the goalie on but got a fortuitous bounce off both butt cheeks and in for the 1-0 lead. It was probably going in anyway but I can’t help that my hiney is voluptuous. PJ then graced us with his presence to ease the subbing burden, which was followed up by Mark doubling the lead after being released by Shawn down the wing, 2-0. Icy Hot put in some late pressure which culminated in scoring a goal to cut the lead in half at the break. The second half was a tense one as Roddy showed up for Crown to give them another body and it seemed Icy Hot had it in for him from the get go. It became a physical battle, fouls piling up and when Roddy scored a free kick to make it 3-1 they were none to happy. It has to be mentioned that at this point Rodney was doing his best Gandalf impression, having a terrific game in the Crown net, including a triple save at one point to preserve the Crown lead:

Ironically enough the Icy Hot players were saying the same thing about Roddy so it is a pretty appropriate pic really 🤨. Eventually Crown got a penalty shot awarded for 6 fouls and Roddy (2) squeezed in another to really set things off as Icy Hot were frustrated and knew the game was out of reach. Another late pk was calmly finished by Alex after Mark was hauled down in the box on a breakaway and Crown had the victory 5-1 at the final whistle. There was the customary yelling and arguing after with Roddy to blame, and the ref to blame, etc, etc. Some things never change 🙄.

Player of the Game:

While Roddy had a pair of second half goals (and wreaked some havoc) and Alex would have had the same if not for Simon’s butt shot, the POTG has to go to Rodney who made a plethora of important saves, especially when the game was close and hanging in the balance. 👍

Here are the Final individual statistical leaders and standings for this regular season:

Golden Boot (Gs):

Simon 9 👢👑 (may have to call it it the Golden Booty this season after that turned out to be the deciding goal…I have been told it is nice just not golden, just saying…)

Roddy 8

Rob 7

Mark 7

Tim 5

Micah 3

PJ 3

Keith 2

Josh 2

Alex 1

Warren 1

Golden Sock (As):

Simon 9 🧦👑

Shawn 7

Micah 3

Tim 3

PJ 3

Brandon 2

John 2

Roddy 2

Rob 2

Mark 2

Eddie 2

Rodney 1

Keith 1

Jeremy 1

Chris 1

Alex 1


Roddy 2

PJ 1

Rob 1

Tim 1

Simon 1

Mark 1

Rodney 1

Bonus new category, FOTG or Flake* of the Game:

Rob 1

Jason 1

Micah 1 (babysitter issues but no text until too late)

*Be happy the F stands for Flake…

Player of the Season:

There was a much greater involvement statistically speaking which was the ultimate goal of Crown dropping a division this past season. Some highlights include many hat tricks which had me considering changing the POTG to HTOTG, a 2-goal effort from Keith, plus Captain Keller’s 7 assists from defense, but there was an obvious choice for the POTS. Consistency and Dedication wins it for Simon, a balanced attack of goals (9) and assists (9) culminating in taking the Golden Double again, and he never misses a game, not to mention brings you this blog, gotta love him, right? Oh and you know what is next…

Final Standings:

As you can see, well if you zoom in, Crown finished in 1st place and will now be in the Playoff Championship next Wednesday against TNFC, it has been a looooooooong time since we won a T-shirt and got our picture taken (drunken falling over aside), better not be any FOTGs for that one…


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