Crown (Summer I) Game 5/6 Recap

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Seems like it has been a long time since Crown played, that’s what one Bye week will do, let’s just hope it did not have too much of an effect on this aging bunch…yes, still feeling sorry for myself. Two games in this edition, the first versus JFHF FC, the team that Crown got their only win against in the first round of games, then a matchup with DW Energy FC which is always a tough one. Let’s get started as I have no other funny stories to tell you as I told the boys the best one at the after party already…🤜💥😎…bet that emoji code has got a few intrigued. read more

Crown (Summer I 2018) Game 3/4 Recap

It’s that time again, two more recaps for your reading pleasure, and this time we show some skin!…don’t get too excited, it’s Rob’s not Jeremy’s. Crown has started off the new D1 season fairly well with a dominant opening win followed by a hard fought tie, but now two more tough matchups were on deck against M-I and then the defending champion Fugitives FC. Ok, you have waited long enough for the nudity, but first a quick explanation. Rob was playing in an O40 league on the Monday before our game and was crunched by a couple of defenders, but definitely not because he was holding the ball too long 😜, and he felt a couple of pops in his knee. He was able to walk away from the incident and finish the game but the next day it looked like this: read more