Crown (Summer I 2018) Game 3/4 Recap

It’s that time again, two more recaps for your reading pleasure, and this time we show some skin!…don’t get too excited, it’s Rob’s not Jeremy’s. Crown has started off the new D1 season fairly well with a dominant opening win followed by a hard fought tie, but now two more tough matchups were on deck against M-I and then the defending champion Fugitives FC. Ok, you have waited long enough for the nudity, but first a quick explanation. Rob was playing in an O40 league on the Monday before our game and was crunched by a couple of defenders, but definitely not because he was holding the ball too long 😜, and he felt a couple of pops in his knee. He was able to walk away from the incident and finish the game but the next day it looked like this:

Needless to say that Rob played no further part in this blog edition, and we all hope the news is not bad. We are also very thankful that the pic was taken with an iPhone and not a wide angle lens…

Crown v M-I:

No Captain Keller for this one along with Rob obviously, but Brad made his debut. Tim was a no-show though which threw a wrench in Crown’s lineup, please don’t make me bring back the ‘Flake of the Game’, plus then we lost Eddie to cramps (don’t ask) putting us down to just the 2 subs. It was an unforeseen situation so they had to adapt with a few players logging more minutes than usual. It was a close game in the first half with M-I opening the scoring first but Crown ended up getting a 6th foul penalty shot as M-I were playing a physical game. Simon stepped up to take it and did what he wanted to but the keeper got the slightest of touches to spin it just wide 😱. It remained 1-0 at the half but Crown had to get through another half with a depleted bench. And it began to show in the second half as M-I had the opposite, a full set of subs and were using it to their advantage with hustle and more of that physical play leading to a couple of goals. Crown did cut into the lead as Brad found Simon on the left and he toed one into the bottom corner, 3-1. Crown pushed to get back into the game but M-I countered with a pair of goals to up their lead to 5-1. Crown did mount a small comeback late in the game with Simon setting up Mark and then Brad to open his Crown account but it was too little, too late as they fell 5-3. One of those ‘what if’ games…

Player of the Game:

Despite failing to convert his pk 😡, Simon was very active offensively and was a part of all of Crown’s strikes with 1G/2A so he takes it. Speaking of Simon, it turns out that he has been playing for over a year with a torn meniscus in his left knee, plus a variety of other issues were found which let’s just attribute to the dreaded…old age 😱. Let’s just say he has a 50 yr old knee on the left and a 30 yr old one on the right so a kind of strange balance if you take it as a whole. What does this means for Crown and you readers you ask?…nothing much as the solution for now is just less games in a week and Crown will always be 1st priority. 🍔🍟🍕🍺🍺

Crown v Fugitives FC:

There were a few roster issues to deal with for this one once again as Shawn, Jeremy, Brian and Brad were unavailable, plus then one sub did not show and another forgot his shin pads…and so it looked like an uphill task as Fugitives had an army of players including a strong offensive unit. The start was also not good as before Crown could really get their lineup settled it seemed like they were down 3-0 already, perhaps because they were 😔. But as the first half progressed Crown began to get some of the ball and when Eddie released Mark on a fast break he finished and it was 3-1. Simon then pounced on a loose ball, beat a defender and went in to beat the keeper low to make it a one goal game. But the final portion of the half was not good for Crown as the Fugitives scored three more to up their lead to 6-2 at halftime. Anyone who knows the history of this team knows that on occasion this meant a big loss was on the way but the second half was very tightly contested, and if anything Crown had the better chances, including a penalty shot but it seemed like the keeper had a 🍀 in his pocket as there were multiple missed empty nets. There was no more scoring in the game as Crown fell 6-2 but the game was much closer than that, certainly a fuller squad and a better start would have made a big difference. I guess this has turned into the ‘what ifs’ edition.

Player of the Game:

While Mark was tough on himself afterwards for a couple of missed finishes, let’s face it, what would we have done without his endless hustle and offensive impetus? Plus he got roughed up a bit too and a POTG always makes things better 😉.

Here are the current league standings and statistical leaders after 4 games.

League Standings:

Golden Boot (Gs):

Simon 4

Mark 4

Tim 2

Josh 1

Micah 1

Rob 1

Brad 1

Golden Sock (As):

Simon 3

Jeremy 2

Brian 2

Eddie 2

Keith 1

Josh 1

Micah 1

Brad 1


Simon 2

Mark 2

*Special News Flash: Injury Update*

This just in, Rob will require a minor surgical procedure on his knee which will rule him out for approximately 8-10 weeks, which is actually fairly good news since it sounded like a bag of microwave popcorn at the time of the injury. I will be making even more jokes now because I am old and broken and it is all I have…

Crown now has a Bye week followed by matchups with JFHF FC and DW Energy FC so the next blog will be in a few weeks so go play with some Lego in the meantime, trust me, time will fly by.


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