Crown (Summer I) Game 5/6 Recap

Seems like it has been a long time since Crown played, that’s what one Bye week will do, let’s just hope it did not have too much of an effect on this aging bunch…yes, still feeling sorry for myself. Two games in this edition, the first versus JFHF FC, the team that Crown got their only win against in the first round of games, then a matchup with DW Energy FC which is always a tough one. Let’s get started as I have no other funny stories to tell you as I told the boys the best one at the after party already…🤜💥😎…bet that emoji code has got a few intrigued.

Crown v JFHF FC:

Good news is we have some video and pics for you this time around, bad news is it is because Brad pulled a hammy early and could not continue 😩, here’s hoping it is just a minor issue 🤞. Crown went right on the attack and ultimately Tim found an unmarked Mark who fired a shot through a crowd to open the scoring. Goals from Simon, Eddie and Brian upped the lead to 4-0 before JFHF got on the board. A late giveaway handed a goal to Tim and it was 5-1 to Crown at the half. The second half was more of the same but the goals were not coming at the same frequency until Brian used his ‘fine motor skills’ to make it 6-1. Enough talk, let’s have Micah kick off the photo/video section with this perfect technique:

Next up we have a sequence in which there is the curious case of Tim being accused of throwing an elbow/forearm into his opponent while attempting to score, let’s let the video do the talking:

In his defense Tim, he doesn’t like dirty players…

This one has a bit of action at both ends as Crown was dominating with team tenacity, culminating with Simon not happy with scuffing a volley attempt:

But redemption was not far away as he had his second of the game starting here:

And ending here:

And it was almost like he knew the camera was rolling as Simon wasn’t quite done, completing his hat trick with this chip over the keeper in close, with the new look Shawn picking up assists on both of the last two:

And what more can we say about Brad’s videography skills, he even did a final scoreboard countdown in case you all didn’t believe we actually won one! Maybe we both need a Corona stipend for future blogs of this quality?

So there we have it, 8-1 to the good guys 👍.

Player of the Game:

Simon and Mark continue their back and forth POTG battle as the former takes it this time with 3Gs and 2As. Don’t stick a fork in this broken guy just yet…

The After Party had a nice little bonus too as Captain Keller came through with some swag for the select few attendees, the new Corona Premier thermos, one that Ava can’t steal for school due to the beer advertising! Boom!

This has given me a genius idea, how about POTG winners get rewarded with one? A bit of extra motivation? And yes Keith and Eddie, that does mean you have to give yours back 😜. Also can you imagine how much better we are going to play now that we are drinking this low carb product? We may need to move up to the Premier League, see what I did there? 😏

Crown v DW Energy FC:

This had the markings of a really tough one for Crown as DW had not lost a game yet this season, the only blemish on their unbeaten record was a tie against Crown in their earlier meeting. Crown has some serious roster issues with regulars Rob, Brian, Brad, Jeremy and Tim all out for various reasons. And from the entire remaining roster of subs only Josh and Fidel were able to help out so it was a pretty thin lineup at kickoff. DW were in a similar situation but had some dangerous attackers to deal with and showcased that early but could not open the scoring. Then in a bit of a surprise it was Crown who grabbed the first goal as Shawn used some interesting technique to finish off his own rebound…I couldn’t figure out how to re-enact it with Lego, the figure’s arms don’t do the Karate Kid Crane technique justice, you really had to be there. So Crown took a 1-0 lead to the halftime break. DW turned up the heat in the second half with some relentless attack but it was Mark who scored the next one, niftily beating his defender and firing one in for a 2-0 lead 😱😱. There was a big moment shortly after as Josh fired a shot just wide and DW sent it immediately downfield and had a breakaway which was converted to cut the lead in half, but it seemed to turn the tide as Crown began to show some tired legs. DW’s attacks continued and they grabbed a pair of goals to make it 3-2 and Crown had to open up and go for it. But that left them open to some odd man rushes which DW converted one of to take a 4-2 lead. A late goal on a fortunate bounce for Simon made it close but it finished up as a 4-3 loss.

Player of the Game:

Crown put in a pretty solid effort, but in no surprise the trend continued as Mark (1G, 1A) takes it. Give that man a thermos!

Here are the updated standings and statistical leaders:

League Standings:

Golden Boot (Gs):

Simon 8

Mark 6

Tim 3

Brian 2

Shawn 1

Eddie 1

Josh 1

Micah 1

Rob 1

Brad 1

Golden Sock (As):

Simon 5

Eddie 3

Shawn 2

Jeremy 2

Brian 2

Micah 2

Josh 2

Tim 1

Keith 1

Brad 1

Mark 1


Simon 3

Mark 3

Two more game to finish up the Summer I season as Crown takes on Fugitives FC and M-I next week in a Tuesday/Wednesday back to back special.


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