Crown (Summer I) Game 7/8 Recap

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Two final games to tell you about that will wrap up the Summer I season. But there is something you need to know first, this Tuesday/Wednesday double header came at a terrible time roster wise for Crown as half the full timers were away this week and subs were few and far between. Both games we pretty much had the bare minimum, injuries and vacations have hit us hard recently. Now I have set us up for failure let me tell you how epic that failure was…

Crown v Fugitives FC:

Shortest recap ever…we lost 17-0, no really, I’m not kidding, it was the worst game by far in Crown’s lengthy history, and if we didn’t have to play the very next night I think we would all have been content to steer clear of BlueSky for a few weeks. Yep, it is time to order these babies: read more