Crown (Summer I) Game 7/8 Recap

Two final games to tell you about that will wrap up the Summer I season. But there is something you need to know first, this Tuesday/Wednesday double header came at a terrible time roster wise for Crown as half the full timers were away this week and subs were few and far between. Both games we pretty much had the bare minimum, injuries and vacations have hit us hard recently. Now I have set us up for failure let me tell you how epic that failure was…

Crown v Fugitives FC:

Shortest recap ever…we lost 17-0, no really, I’m not kidding, it was the worst game by far in Crown’s lengthy history, and if we didn’t have to play the very next night I think we would all have been content to steer clear of BlueSky for a few weeks. Yep, it is time to order these babies:

Player of the Game:

This one was actually pretty easy this time, our captain Shawn played with the most tenacity of the bunch and got forward for some goal attempts too. By the way, he doesn’t like it if you call him, ‘The Best of the Worst’. Grab yourself a thermos next time you are passing the swag closet at Corona HQ.

Crown v M-I:

M-I started a man down but still managed to score first before Crown took advantage of the extra man with Simon setting up Mark twice, then scoring himself to make it 3-1. M-I then got to full strength and it was much more even as they chipped away with a few goals on either side of halftime to build a 6-3 lead, ugh. But Crown kept attacking and after Simon set up Jeremy, Micah and Mark again it was all square with minutes remaining. But it was M-I who ended up taking the win with a pair of late goals as Crown lost 8-6 😔, a tough couple of days.

Player of the Game: 

This one was a bit of a conundrum as Mark had 3Gs and we do have a hat trick rule, but Simon had 1G, 5As so Captain Keller made the call and went splitsville, I think it was so he wouldn’t have to give us a thermos…actually I will take the cap as my other one is bound to go missing at some point.

So that wraps up what was an up and down Summer I season for Crown, full of injuries and shortened lineups, not sure how that is going to improve with Summer holidays about to hit full swing. Let’s take a look at the final standings and hand out the individual statistical awards.

Final League Standings:

*Note: BlueSky incorrectly gave us the W in the last game so we actually finished in 4th, 2-1-5.

Golden Boot (Gs):

Simon 9🥇/Mark 9🥇

Tim 3

Brian 2

Micah 2

Shawn 1

Eddie 1

Josh 1

Rob 1

Brad 1

Jeremy 1

Golden Sock (As):

Simon 10🥇

Eddie 3

Micah 3

Shawn 2

Jeremy 2

Brian 2

Josh 2

Tim 1

Keith 1

Brad 1

Mark 1


Simon 3.5🥇/Mark 3.5🥇

Shawn 1

Player of the Season:

Simon and Mark went back and forth with the POTGs this season, also splitting the Golden Boot, but in the end Simon takes it on account of his Golden Sockedness…and yes, that is a word.

I am not sure what next season holds for Crown, there is chatter that JFHF and M-I have requested to drop a division as well but that leaves just the two powerhouses in D1 which won’t happen. Most likely it will be a straight swap of the bottom team relegated and the D2 winner promoted, but we can always hope the division adds more teams instead.

And now for the tease of a POSSIBLE Crown bombshell as a certain member MAY be taking his dwindling talents back North…

Stay tuned…


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