Crown: Special Edition!

No way you say? Could The Golden Boy be returning from Minnesota already? Seems like I just left, right? Well due to a final orthodontic appt for Ava it meant that a quick visit was on the cards, and it just so happened that a Crown game magically found its way onto the schedule so here we are, back blogging for the first time since the move. Plus, I did hear that there were a few readers suffering from withdrawal, especially a certain Jarrell and I am not one to let the fan(s) down. Let’s start with a little update from our time up north so far. It has been a whirlwind few months, but it seems like it is starting to slow down. Here’s a…recap of sorts you could say.

After driving to Minneapolis in late July we stayed in a hotel in Plymouth, Mn for a week while we looked at as many houses as possible in the area as it was our preferred part of the Twin Cities, hoping to close on a place for Ava to start school on time. After a pair of deals fell through we finally found our dream house and the stars were aligned as we got the deal we wanted and the close date too. With that sorted we spent the month of August in a furnished apartment in Minneapolis enjoying the downtown life. Downtowns of big cities can be full of interesting characters and Ava’s senses were in overdrive, she affectionately called them ‘sketchy people’. So one walk to the downtown Target I decided I was curious as to what a child sees vs an adult, but keep in mind I am a bit of an overprotective one and my dad radar was always on. About 4 city blocks later she asks me how many I am at and I reply with 12. This is her response, ‘OMG Daddy, I am on 57 already!” 😂😂😂. Kids. We still enjoyed our month but were well ready for our new house come Sept 1st. The short of the rest is that we love our new house and the abundant wildlife around (much better than barking dogs), Ava loves her new school, Christina loves her new job, and most importantly I am back playing hockey and found a soccer team too 😜. I will say though that it was strange that at my outdoor debut a pair of Bald Eagles soared across the field and nobody even said a word. I am a newbie I guess. Before we move on to how Crown is doing I figured who wouldn’t want to see a video of wild turkeys sprinting across our street with Free Bird on in the background:

And now it is time to take a look back on how the other bunch of turkeys has been faring without its first ballot HOF inductee this past couple of seasons. After dropping down to Division 2 it was much funner I have been told, but unfortunately a plethora of close losses had Crown sitting in 6th place with one game to play to hold their spot in the playoffs. But after a loss to the 7th place team, who then leapfrogged them, the dream of a long awaited t-shirt would have to wait yet another season. But for Simon this ended up being a blessing in disguise as had Crown made the playoffs there would not have been a game during his visit, instead he got his chance to play in the 7th v 8th consolation ‘championship’, or best of the worst as it is also known:

I was pretty sure that the other team stood Norfolk in Chance 😏, as undoubtedly Crown would be buoyed by the presence of Golden Boy. Before I get to the recap I will say that you should be prepared for spontaneous gratuitous food pictures from the visit, and that after I missed a few easy goals in an O40 game the night before I did say to Jimmy at Whataburger (yes, I made sure I went there so as to not upset Tad) that just wait and see how different the Crown game will be, everything will turn to gold somehow. We call that foreshadowing in the blogging business…oh, and by the way, Mmmmm, BBQ 🤤:

Crown v Norfolk in Chance:

And so Simon strolled into BlueSky like he never left, and Captain Keller handed him a yellow jersey that smelled curiously like it had come fresh out of a frame in a shrine somewhere…weird, right? Anyway after a few hugs that some people held on for an awkwardly long period it was time to get down to business, good thing this baby had still not expired, the stars were aligned I guess:

Crown only had a pair of subs after a couple of late dropouts, some things never change, but they went on the attack early and I bet you can guess who opened things up with a cheeky backheel. Shortly thereafter the lead was doubled and it was a fortuitous bounce off the defender to give Simon a quick fire double. It was pretty much a wide open game from there on out as the scoring was going back and forth but Crown were doing a little more of it. Jimmy, Eddie and Warren all had doubles of their own and with a single from studly Shawn it was a late 9-4 lead. But a late deflection off of Simon’s derrière gave their opponents a goal and had him thinking about how maybe it would be funny to have that as his potential final touch for Crown…then he thought nah, kicked off quickly to Jimmy down the boards and headed to the front of the net to bang in his hat trick. Then with 45s remaining he subbed off to a standing ovation…well it was just Josh but he was standing despite getting hurt early in the game. A late Jimmy goal spoiled Simon’s moment and he stormed out of the facility. Ok, maybe that part didn’t happen. An 11-5 victory for Crown and an undefeated season for Simon 😉 was the final outcome. Tacos time:

Player of the Game (POTG):

You had to know I would not leave you without the famous POTG. It was a fairly balanced effort from Crown but I think you could see this coming, but there is some backup to Simon winning it, as he added 5 Assists to his 3 Goals on the night. While he probably didn’t win the season Golden Boot in one game, the Golden Sock possibly?

If you were a follower of the Crown blog you can imagine there was an epic ‘After Party’, 🍕 🍕 🍕 + 🍻 and plenty of crude humor 👍. Jokes aside it was great to see the guys and hang out once again, that is something from my Texas life that I haven’t found in Minnesota just yet, but hopefully in time. And you didn’t think I would deprive you of a Lego re-enactment did you? Here’s the crew:

L to R: Warren, ‘Confident Shawn’ cradling Jason, Josh, Jimmy, Keith, Eddie, Johnny, Simon.

Note: Ava may have had some input into the patio furniture.

I do want to single out two specific people as I would like to say thank you to Jimmy and Keith for droppping me off at our airport hotel late at night after our games. I also would like to mention to you locals that even if it was just for a night I highly recommend the rooms with a runway view at the Grand Hyatt at DFW airport, sound proof and the planes landing and taking off constantly are cool day or night. And no, I was not paid for that plug, but I should be, right? Here is a pic of the view, with my little buddy too 😍:

All in all it was a jam packed handful of days, and we saw as many people as we could. If we missed anyone I apologize but Ava needed to see as many of her friends as we could fit in, she has adapted great to the big move but I know she misses her buddies.

Well I think that about wraps things up for this Special Edition. During all the craziness I actually forgot that it was my Birthday on our first night there, but somebody remembered so let me leave you with this reminder of how I feel about all of our Texas friends who made our visit awesome 👍👍:

All hail Sour Cream Enchiladas!


P.S. Whoa, whoa, whoa now. I knew I missed something, a Top 5 list! Ok, as you know we love it here in Minnesota but I am going to help anyone who may think of making the move to the Great North with a list of important life hacks to ensure you stay warm and toasty in the winter. You know, I think I will extend it to a first ever Top 10 since it is frickin’ cold, ok here goes:

10. Buy fleece-lined attire from top to bottom at the first sign of snow.

9. Go to Costco and get a jumbo pack of deodorant, it gets sweaty in those clothes.

8. Get sidewalk/driveway salt, and a preferably a snow blower for above mentioned snow.

7. Snow Tires a must, duh.

6. Buy your kid a sled ASAP, just trust me.

5. Always hang your towel over the shower so you don’t have to open the door after you shut off the water.

4. Hit Costco again, this time for a cheap Laser Tag game, great way to get the blood flowing.

3. Make sure if you have a late night spat with your wife that it is not so bad that she sleeps in the spare room, you WILL need that body heat.

2. Make-up gift = Microwaveable Slippers.

1. And if all else fails, have a slice of Texas at the ready, bite the bullet and purchase a Sauna! ⬇️


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