Meet Crown: 5 Questions with Jason Dickens

After a team dropped from the O30 league this week, Crown got itself a bye that was unforeseen. Inquiries were made to myself about what everyone was going to read this week, addicts I know. So I caved to the pressure and instead of napping all morning I decided that the next Meet Crown: 5 Questions was doable. After surviving the hot seat myself unscathed I had decided that next would be a unique situation as other than RL obviously, this guy has to be regarded as one of Crown’s small but loyal fan base. Well actually he started out that way and then went on a mysterious hiatus as I think we may have been deemed as bad influences when it came to the after parties, but I will let him answer that himself. Without further ado, let’s get to know Jason Dickens a little better. read more

Meet Crown: 5 Questions with Simon

It’s that time again, since Crown were eliminated in the Semi-Finals this season 😢, the next installment of Meet Crown: 5 Questions is here, and it has been a much anticipated one since the subject just happens to be ME. Alright, straight to it then.

Q1: As usual, question number one is the same one everyone gets, how did I get involved with this crew of misfits called Crown?

My family moved to Texas from Canada over 7 years ago for my wife to explore her professional career and for me to become a stay-at-home dad to our 1-yr old daughter Ava. Having been playing soccer my whole life it was a necessity to find some nearby so I searched “soccer near Roanoke, Texas” and BlueSky Keller came up. I sent an email with a little about my skill level and I received a phone call a day or so later from a guy called Shawn Keller (I wondered if he owned the town) who told me that there was not a full time spot available but I could come and sub on Wednesday and go from there. I said, “You want to see if I am any good, I get it”. I went and played and short of it is, at halftime Eddie announced, “He’s on the team Shawn”. And a full time spot miraculously appeared and eventually I was invited to the infamous after parties. I thought that the socializing after was going to be a great bonus as it was kid, kid, kid all day for me so adult conversation was very important, unfortunately I soon realized that the maturity level was actually not that much higher… read more

Meet Crown: 5 Questions with John Garman

Before we get into the nitty gritty of John’s soccer life, there is the small issue of why this interview is happening this week. Well that is because Crown slumped to defeat in their Semi-Final game last Tuesday, here is a brief recap:

Crown (3rd) took on DW Energy FC (2nd) in the second Semi of the night with the winner going on to face Black Ops (4th) in the Championship after they upset the favored Honey Badgers (1st). It was always going to be a tough task as Crown had to do without the services of top scorer Phil who has been ruled out long term due to an upcoming foot surgery. The first half was one to forget for Crown as they were outplayed badly and trailed 6-0 at the break. Despite the result being out of reach, Crown did play a more competitive second half as the game ended 8-1 with Brian breaking the DW shutout. The season ended on a sour note but the new look Shawn went out in style: read more

Meet Crown: 5 Questions with Eddie Bribiesca

A Bye week for Crown means that you get a chance to get to know another member of the team, and this time it is a person who plays a large role in the total Crown experience, Eddie Bribiesca. Just a little background for those that don’t already know, but Eddie is the guy who graciously hosts the “After Party” once we are done giving our all every Tuesday/Wednesday night. It usually involves a mandatory 2 burgers consumption along with as much beer as you would like courtesy of Captain Keller. Sounds like a good deal, huh? Alright, to the questions already. read more

Meet Crown: 5 Questions with Keith Jarrell


With the arrival of the Thanksgiving holiday, it meant no game for Crown this past week, but as promised, it is time for the second installment of Meet Crown. After initially being introduced to the founder and captain, we turn our attention to our elder statesman and trusty veteran, Keith Jarrell.

Q1: I know I speak for the whole team, past and present, when I say that we all wish to play as long as you have so while this is seen as a rude question in society, it is being asked in this regard with the upmost respect…so, how old are you?, and how long have you been playing recreational indoor soccer for?  read more

Meet Crown: 5 Questions with Captain Keller (*Updated)


Team Crown has a Bye this week and I decided that I did not want an angry mob at my door demanding some kind of awesome blog post, so I have created what will be a reoccurring thing when we have weeks off. It is called Meet Team Crown: 5 Questions and it is only right to start with the founder and leader Captain Shawn Keller. Here he is in action, showing you some Defending 101 from earlier this season:

Now let’s get right into the hard-hitting questions because the people gotta know: read more