One Touch Fall 2017 Season Recap

One Touch headed into the Fall season on the heels of another Championship and were looking to add one more before moving on to a new challenge. After many seasons at BlueSky, One Touch has decided to make the switch over to Southlake Stampede to give their Over 40 league a try, hoping to freshen things up with some new opponents and stiffer competition on a weekly basis. That is not to say their final Playoff competitors, White Lightning, would not put up a fight but before we get to that let’s have a look at how the regular season played out. It was your typical One Touch season full of lopsided results amassing an impressive +71 goal differential over 8 games, but they would have to settle for 2nd place as White Lightning finished in 1st with a very solid undefeated season, including a head-to-head win over One Touch. Here is a look at the regular season standings: read more

One Touch Summer II 2017 Season Recap

It’s that time again, time to find out how your favorite Over 40 team fared this past Summer II season. One Touch were out to defend their Championship and put together another dominant regular season compiling an undefeated 8-0 record with a +69 goal differential, obviously good enough for 1st place and a spot in the Playoff Final. Their opponent was once again White Lightning as these two teams continue to build a good, healthy rivalry. Before we get to the recap here is a look at the final standings: read more

One Touch Summer I 2017 Season Recap

One Touch were in the O40 Championship on Monday night which has become a common occurrence the last couple of years. They were going for another 3-peat and found themselves in a matchup with a somewhat unlikely opponent based on previous seasons. Before we get to the recap there are a few things to take care of, starting with a look at One Touch’s road to the Final, as they finished in 1st place yet again:

The only blip was a loss to White Lightning, the second game of a tough double header where Rob and Simon may or may not have gone drinking in between: read more

One Touch Spring I 2017 Season Recap

One Touch’s Spring season came to a close on Monday night as they took on White Lightning in the Playoff Championship. Before we get to the recap of what turned out to be a very entertaining game, let’s check out how One Touch got there by taking a quick look at the regular season standings and team stats, plus a brief recap of their Semi-Final matchup. So how about those standings, here they are as One Touch led the way with an undefeated record once again and an impressive +58 goal differential: read more

One Touch Winter I 2016 Season Recap

Monday night saw the culmination of the Over 40 Winter indoor season as One Touch took on White Lightning in the Championship Playoff Final. But before we get to the result, let’s examine how One Touch made their way to the title game by looking at their season in depth. It began strongly as usual with some lopsided victories putting them in a strong position heading into the holiday period, which always causes some lineup disruption with various players away on vacation. But One Touch persevered, despite having matchups with some of the other top teams, and managed to finish the season with yet another undefeated record. Here were the final standings: read more

One Touch Fall I 2016 Season Preview

After recently completing the 3-peat, One Touch had a deserved week off before the beginning of the next season. The dominance of One Touch is evident by their current recent unbeaten streak of 26 wins, 1 tie and 0 losses over the course of those three Championships. Their last loss was four seasons ago in the Final against Shannon Brewing after having gone undefeated in the regular season. The statistics for the last four seasons show the exceptional balance of this team Gilbert has put together: read more

One Touch Summer II 2016 Championship Recap

After another undefeated regular season, O40 two-time defending champions One Touch were looking for the three-peat. Their opponents in the Final were Shannon Brewing, coming off a very solid season themselves. The game started well for One Touch and they eventually made the breakthrough after a precise pass from Micah found super-manager Gilbert and he finished with confidence, 1-0:

Shannon came back to tie it then One Touch re-took the lead 2-1 after a fortunate deflection off Simon’s backside from a shot by Rob: read more