Special Edition: Excel FC – Coed O30 Championship

When Captain Carolyn decided to pass over the TDA Bulls reigns to someone, the mantle was taken over by Doug and it became apparent very early in the next season’s planning that he was born for the role as it gave him the chance to show off his expertise in the world of spreadsheets. Everything was laid out for all the members of the team, how many games you were playing, which games those were, the calculated individual fee based on a complex algorithm, etc. Organized chaos I like to call it 😏. So naturally the decision was made to make a team name change and Jorden I believe came up with the winner…Excel FC, just right on so many levels I think we can all agree. So how did the season go you ask? Well the summer is always a tough time for attendance with vacations so the lineup had a lot of flux and few, if any, subs at all the games, but Excel FC managed a solid 6-1-1 record, 70GF, 15GA which was good enough for 1st place and a spot in the playoff championship against Barcelona #1. Excel FC were without the injured trio of Doug, Kim and Carolyn so no subs once again, shocker! Here is the recap: read more

Special Edition: Crown II – Miracle on Turf

Most people know quite a bit about Team Crown, but there is another lesser known group that plays in the Open age top division at BlueSky called, if you can believe it, wait for it…Crown II. There are a few crossover players on both squads, including yours truly on occasion this past Summer II season. I don’t usually blog this team due to the fact that, as I have said before, “I am but one man”, but on Thursday night I subbed for the final game of the season and it is a story worth telling. read more